“Zumba is really fun; I can’t believe how many calories I burn by having fun.” - Alojzija Krajnc, Slovakia

Zumba is about fitness dancing. When you mix it with aerobic based workout routines, then you have a combination that is very unique and conducive for fitness. This exercise program will help you lose body fat, increase your energy levels, and make you physically fit.

This is interval training with a whole new perspective. It is one of the most exciting and fun fitness programs that ever existed. Zumba is not like a typical dance session where counts are followed in sequence, rather the workout routines are followed with repetitive movements in sync with the beats of the music.

The dance classes combine various musical beats created by Grammy Award-winning producers with a Latin flavor. This unique exercise program is referred to by many as a “fitness-party.”

It started in 2001 and has burgeoned to be the greatest and most successful dance-fitness program in the world. The classes are taught all over the world and DVDs are sold for one to participate at home or on the road.

Interesting facts about Zumba:

  • 12.5 million people take the classes weekly on a worldwide basis

  • The classes are taught in 110,000 locations

  • Is found in more than 125 countries

  • Has its own

    Wii Fit fitness game

Alberto Perez

Zumba was started by Alberto "Beto" Perez, a native of Cali, Colombia. When he was about seven years old he developed a passion for dance. Perez watched the movie Grease and knew this is what he wanted to do when he grew up.

However, growing up for Perez was not easy. He was the child of a single mother. Unfortunately, she was injured by a stray bullet when Perez was only 14 years old. He had to work three jobs to support him and his mother.

But he never lost his passion for dance.

Perez won a national lambada contest at the age of 19. He entered into one of Cali’s best dance schools and taught step aerobics. Fortunately for him, Mr. Perez was about to have a serendipitous experience.

Before commencing one of his classes he forgot the music. Luckily, Perez had a cassette in his car that he had taped Latin music from a local radio station. He played this music to his class and improvised the movements. Zumba was created from this experience and it has grown to be one of the greatest workout routines known to fitness enthusiasts.

A Fitness Party!

Each class session typically takes an hour. The musical variety is incredible. Reggaeton, merengue, salsa, tango, and hip hop are just few styles that will have one getting lost in the fun to the point where he or she forgets that they are exercising.

This fitness program is an interval training type that alternates between fast and slow dance moves. For many people, this workout routine is extremely addicting. It is one of the most successful fitness programs that have ever been marketed to pop culture.

That being said, if anyone wants to successfully tone and sculpt their physique, melt off body fat, and have a party in the process then Zumba fitness is the workout routine to train to.

It is fun, intoxicating, and most of all; it will assist in meeting physical fitness goals to get one in phenomenal shape and therefore get closer to achieving personal growth.

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