Wii Fit

“Wii Fit brings my family together and we are shaping up too.” Malcom R. – Brentford, England

Wii Fit is a video game for fitness. This “exergame” has grown with tremendous popularity on a worldwide basis. It has over 40 activities that one can engage in, have fun, and get fit at the same time. Most of these activities can improve one’s posture, assist in losing body fat, and make strength gains.

Recently, the fitness industry has risen dramatically and as a result; people have grown to become very health conscious. Many businesses have been trying to cash in on this fitness craze.

The gaming powerhouse, Nintendo, designed the Wii Fit game console to provide both fitness and fun. It was released, for the 1st time, on Dec. 1st, 2007. The popularity of it has been so immense that big-box stores and retailers are having a hard time keeping up with its demand.

It is not surprising that Wii Fit has literally become successful overnight. Many parents have been fearful of their children becoming addictive to video games and not getting enough exercise. These parents are the main consumers of the game.

Purpose and Features

The objective of Wii Fit is provide fun and fitness through the vehicle of a video game. It can be played anywhere, but it is mostly engaged in at home. Therefore, family and friends can be united to enjoy it along with getting fit in the process.

This fitness game comes equipped with an attractive looking "balance board" for the player to stand on. It is constructed of sturdy hardware and can hold a weight capacity of 330 pounds. The board is very sensitive and has been designed to detect the movements of the player with precision.

Aerobics, strength training, balance, and yoga exercises have all been incorporated within the Wii Fit program. Through each of these four components there is a combination of more than 40 different workout routines. For most of these games the player has to progress in each category to get to the next level.

Just like traditional gaming, points are scored as one advances to the next level. However, this game awards “Fit Points” through each advancement and these points are accumulated in a “Fit Bank.”

Another interesting fact about the game is that it can calculate one’s “Wii Fit Age” and BMI. The player is weighed on the balance board, enters their age and height, and then these calculations are displayed. If one’s Wii Fit Age is higher than their actual age then there is a determination that the player is out of shape.

One can keep track of their fitness levels as details are recorded during the playing process. There is even a place where one can log in other daily activities outside of playing the game. Running, cycling, walking, swimming, etc. can be entered in so that one can calculate their

physical fitness progress.

Incredible Statistics

  • Third best-selling console game in gaming history

  • Has sold 22.6 million copies since its inception

  • Sold over a 250,000 copies in the 1st 7 days

  • Sold over 1 million copies in the 1st 37 days

  • Is strongly advocated by physical therapists to improve posture and balance

  • Has both a Zumba and a Jillian Michaels game

  • The UK chain retailer Woolworths stated that the game sold at a rate of 90 copies per minute

Wii Fit is a smart way to get healthy. It combines fun and fitness into one gaming product. It has many workout routines and balance games to personalize one’s physical fitness needs. The player can track usage, weight loss, and fitness progress. The 40 plus activities are designed so that the player can engage in specific exercises that consist of balance games, strength training, aerobics, and yoga postures.

This fitness game is definitely a revolutionary approach in the realm of the home gym and is sensational in both the health and gaming industries. This is a fun and healthy for one to achieve personal growth.

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