What is Racism?

Racism - Civilization's Dark Stain III

What is racism? By Scott Canipe

In this third and last installment regarding dealing with the crippling disease of racism, I give the major reason why this egregious philosophy has existed from the beginning of mankind. As I’ve stated before, no one is born genetically a racist, it is something that is taught to us, either from infancy or some sort of environmental stimuli.

However, the underlying culprit is found in reason number three.  I strongly feel that, this is the crowning reason to answer the question, “what is racism?”

Reason 3, The Crux of

"What is racism?"

3. Relative reality vs Non-relative reality:

Definition - Fear and distrust for the unknown

Deeper explanation - There is a natural inclination within all of us to place suspicions on that which is different or unlike ourselves. It is xenophobia (distrusting unfamiliarity) at its worse.

Typically, people of a particular race have physical features unlike another races. This could be hair texture, skin color, distinct facial features, etc. Their language maybe different or they could have an accent depending on where the ethnic group is from. Immediately and instinctively suspicions could be raised. 

In my opinion, the fear of the unknown is the heart of racism. Inherited and reactionary racism follow suite. Trepidation of something that is different stems from our survival mechanism which is the most powerful instinct known to mankind.

From a philosophical/mathematical standpoint this comes from the order out of chaos theory and then it is recycled. Order or our relative reality (the way I like to put it) is that which we 
are acquainted with; meaning our culture, religious beliefs, political affiliation, favorite cuisines, music that we listen to, the type of people that we associate with, etc. 

At 1st encounter with people from a different race, many are uncomfortable. This is considered a chaotic system or unrelated reality that the other race is not accustomed to. As stated previously, Order (relative reality) is more desired than chaos (non-relative reality).

What we know and are familiar with can be controlled/maintained. That which is familiar is easier is to understand and trust. That which is not raises suspicions and uneasiness. 

This I feel this gets to the heart of and answers the great question of, "What is racism?"

Racism is Evil Nonsense

It has no place in the most advanced societies!

I also feel that people who are racists have low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. The lack of belief in self can pose challenging behavioral problems that cripple personal growth. The bottom line is racism should be totally expunged from our societies. 

The separatist/racist way of thinking is an erroneous philosophy in contemporary times where we all live in a global community, have social media, the Internet, reside in democratic societies where people mingle and socially exchange, travel is ubiquitous, and where there is instant communication. There is no excuse for it now. 

I strongly feel the above mentioned answers the question, “What is racism?” 

The Solution

How do we solve racism?

How do we solve racism? In two ways: Healthy self-esteem and education combined with objectivity. The more that a person is comfortable with his or herself puts their self-esteem at an advantageous place. They also have the groundwork to become more confident, therefore they can deal with the unfamiliarity or uncomfortableness.

The more objectively educated a person is, the more he or she becomes aware of their surroundings, especially others. They become cognizant and have a great respect for other ethnicities and their cultures.  

The problem of the racist is that they have low self-esteem and are not objectively educated, as a result of such they have an inability to mix well with others outside of their race.

"We are not distant but coexistent. We can no longer hide from each other nor can we deny each other, now we must confide in each other. We must come together harmoniously to advance our civilization as one unit for the betterment of all of mankind." - Scott Canipe

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Success is a journey, not a destination.

Face challenges head on!

Your attitude determines your altitude.

When you dream, dream big.

Never quit!

Be the master of your own journey.

Let no one dictate you.

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