United States Gun Control

United States gun control by the people

With the tragic shooting that took place on December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, many have raised questions about United States gun control. Twenty six people, which included six adult staff members and twenty children, were fatally shot. The children killed were between the ages of six and seven years old. This was the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, second only to the Virginia Tech massacre on April 16, 2007.

The assailant was a 20-year-old named Adam Lanza. Earlier, Lanza had previously shot and killed his mother at their nearby Newtown home. After shooting his mother, Nancy Lanza, age 52, Adam drove her car to the school and shot and killed the school staff and children. He then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide on school grounds.

Lanza had in his possession two 9 mm handguns at the scene of the shootings and a .223 caliber bushmaster rifle in the back seat of his mother’s car. These weapons of choice where legally registered and owned by Lanza’s mother.

The second amendment states that, “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” This right to own and bear arms is very controversial with many citizens in the United States. Some feel that ownership of arms should be made illegal which would minimize many crimes, while others believe it not the weapons that are evil but the ones doing the shooting.

We have heard President Obama discuss United States gun control as well as many other Presidents in the past. But what do the people have to say about this sensitive subject?

The following are comments regarding the people’s voice. These posts are articulate and thought provoking about the sensitive subject of United States gun control. Feel free to inject with your comments at the bottom. We all want to raise awareness globally.

  • Daryl Smith - Its not the guns it's our lax american society.
  • Chris Nobles -No like ive said , do we need to ban kitchen knives also? Guns dont kill people, people kill people! Law abiding citizens should have the right to protect themselves because criminals will find a way to get guns illegally.
  • Bryan Bradley- United states gun control is out of control IMO. A pistol or a pea shooter substantiates the right to bear arms - that doesn't mean you need an assault rifle to protect yourself from an attack. I think it's a combination of things in this country that need reform. From gun control to the FDA to security in our schools across the country. There should be 1-2 armed security members or police officers, guarding the innocent students and staff members of schools, just as there are for folks who work in state and federal buildings all over the country. This is a good gun-control debate!
  • Jai Singh- If you wanna reduce gun crime, get rid of the guns. It's as simple as that.
  • Chris Nobles- Thats dumb.
  • Daryl Smith- so only criminals will have guns? they will build their own.
  • Jai Singh- Whats dumb is allowing idiots to have guns and expecting things to be OK.
  • Chris Nobles- Ok so how long have drugs been illegal? We sure have reduced the use of drugs with that havent we? Prohibition was so successful wasnt it? 
  • Jai Singh- And you think legalising drugs would be the answer?
  • Chris Nobles- Yo the problem is spoons made me fat, soda rotted my teeth & can you believe my car got me another damn dui? How about we hold the people accountable, like I said LAW ABIDING citizens should have every right to protect theirselves, family & posessions. Dont give criminals every advantage. The things that some of our politicians are trying to change about United States gun control is facetious.
  • Bryan Bradley- What defines a law abiding citizen? The movie theater psycho had no criminal background.
  • Michael Blythe- If one of the teachers had a gun the outcome may have been better. Just a crushing, emotionally draining tragedy. Are the gun control facts that we see over the media accurate?
  • Jai Singh- You think every criminal is gonna be walking round with a gun? It ain't like that at all.

    How many more massacres are you gonna sit through and just say the people are responsible for their own actions? Of course they are, but you can be damn sure that the sick fuck wouldn't have killed almost 30 people with his bare hands today.
  • Chris Nobles- Remember Shawn Taylor who played for the Redskins? A guy broke in his home & he grabbed a machete. The invader had a gun. Taylor is now dead because when a criminal has a gun & you dont you are as good as dead.
  • Scott Canipe- Good debate guys about United States gun control!!!!!!!
  • Chris Nobles- @Bryan Bradley- a demented person who shoots up a theatre is going to find a way- legally or illegally to obtain firearms. It was tragic but there are psychos in this world, & though we cannot always stop them, we cannot strip ourselves from being able to protect outselves.
  • Scott Canipe- Chris makes some compelling points about united states gun control.
  • Michael Blythe- I would have liked to have been there with a Colt 1911.
  • Jai Singh- It's not a difficult thing to grasp. To reduce gun crime, get rid of the guns lol. I don't see how anyone wouldn't be able to grasp that.
  • Chris Nobles- Jai there are plenty if gang members & thugs or just plain crazies who obtain guns on the black market. It aint hard and you are naive if you dont think this is true. I think there should be more stringent background checks & regulations but the 2nd amendment should never be altered.
  • Jai Singh- Check the gun crime rates of any country where it is illegal to own a fire arm.
  • Daryl Smith -amen chris!!
  • Chris Nobles Jai you dont get it. There are too many guns out there. If you strip everyone from having guns, good job- now only fucking criminals have guns! Cuz they WILL find a way!!
  • Bryan Bradley- Background checks, regulations, and increased security in sensitive public institutions like an elementary school should be buttressed by United States gun control.
  • Jai Singh -I stand by what I'm saying because its proven, check out the stats here in the UK.

    They speak for themselves.
  • Chris Nobles- I agree Bradley.
  • Daryl Smith- we could melt them down for the metal bars we'll need on our houses....
  • Jai Singh- The criminals that will be able to obtain guns will be an extremely low percentage compared to what its like now. Extremely low.
  • Scott Canipe- Jai, I'm not taking sides but I agree with Chris about United States gun control. Just like alcohol, marijuana, prostitution, etc. If you make something of this magnitude illegal, it will go underground and then it will really get out of hand.
  • Jai Singh- Number don't lie Scott.

    I myself think alot of Americans are against what I'm saying just for the simple fact they like the fact they own a gun.
  • Chris Nobles -Jai unlike the UK, we have Mexico and South America right beneath us. They will smuggle that shit in like they do marijuana & flood the streets with illegal firearms.
  • Thomas M. Maggio- Yeah messed up that all the guns were the mother's. Why weren't they under lock and key?
  • Scott Canipe- Geographically and demographically Jai, it is different here. Plus there are many law abiding hunters that should not penalized for the criminals.
  • Jeff Neal- How many firearm deaths were there in England last year? 8? Over 10,000 in America. So our United States gun control laws may need to carry stiffer penalties.
  • Jeff Neal- Less than 20 or so in Japan?
  • Scott Canipe- Yes, but why should law abiding citizens be punished for the actions of criminals?
  • Jeff Neal- I don't see why anyone needs an assault rifle.
  • Jai Singh- No other reason other than to feel big IMO.
  • Scott Canipe- I own a gun. I abide by the teneants of United States gun control laws. I know many hunters that own guns for the sport of hunting and the fun of going out and shooting skeets, protection, etc. They should not be banned.
  • Jai Singh- Well I think hunting for fun should be banned too, but thats another status on another day.
  • Scott Canipe- What about the store clerk or jewelry store owner that needs one in a high risk business?
  • Milo Whitney Mackay -In the western days when a bad dude was coming to town, word of mouth spread like wild fire, and the townspeople were ready and waiting for the showdown.... It's time for us to connect, respect one another, and take a stand against these sicko's... I'm all for United States gun control.
  • Scott Canipe -I agree and see where you are going about hunting. I think it should be done for food or to balance ecosystems.
  • Jeff Neal -There has to be a better way to screen people who are buying guns. No system is going to be perfect, but things seem to be really getting out of hand when you have some crazy ass who can stroll into a school and shoot a bunch of babies. It's nuts.
  • Nick Thomas- It's not the thing that was used to do the evil that's to blame. It's the evil itself. OK city-fertilizer. 9/11-airplanes and box cutters. If there were no guns tomorrow it wouldn't guarantee anyone's safety.
  • Jeff Neal- No, crazy people will still do crazy things. But perhaps we are making things too easy for them.
  • Nick Thomas- Perhaps.
  • Jeff Neal- I don't think there's a definitive answer. Should we ban all firearms? I don't know if that's fair. But maybe we could have better checks and balances and tougher United States gun control laws.
  • Chris Nobles- Everyone is upset about whats happened today. Everyones heart is heavy for the families of those children. This is a wakeup call for us as a society. While I believe in the second amendment I agree that more stringent laws are in order for obtaining a firearm. Violence is glorified in tv, music, video games, etc. We need to build stronger & safer communities & watch over our children, its a sad society we live in today. 
  • Tom Zarvis- What,make gun control facts only two rounds of ten,instead for two rd.s of 15?-That's what United States gun control eform means.It doesn't necessarily mean getting rid of guns completely-That will never happen. What are we supposed to do when another whack job starts shooting-run? I wanna gun to protect myself and friends.
  • Jeff Neal -There was no one to protect the kids at Newtown.
  • Tom Zarvis -That's right,but it's not all or nothing. Gun reform means abating the lethality of a weapon or weaponry.We will always have guns. Some of these legislators are stupid for some of the laws they're trying to implement in United States gun control.
  • Eda M. Handly -While I can agree more needs to be done, we can't blame tv, music and video games. I remember back in the day when heavy metal was the rational explanation of a world gone mad. Has nothing to do with these things and it never will. How about instead, the entire system realize the fact that recidivism is a harsh reality, rehabilitation doesn't statistically hold up, and that mentally ill people shouldn't be able to refuse meds. We should also realize that no matter what we do or how we do it, there will always be sick, twisted, evil individuals in this world who will find a way to accomplish the disgusting deeds they set out to do. And most importantly, how about parents take care of, be involved with, pay attention to, teach and LOVE their children... 
  • Todd Canipe- Such a despicable and cowardly act. The United States gun control laws will not stop this from happening again and again. The perpetrator committed the sin not the gun. Awareness and comprehensible surveillance for security and the death penalty will help. No government or person will take my guns unless they do from my cold dead fingers. My heart and prayers go out for the families and the town's people. But don't think taking guns away will stop it. It won't!
  • Robert Massey- A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. This is the second ammendment as passed by congress. What use this as in a mordern HiTec country god only knows. God Bless the little children.
  • Robert Massey- Could get a gun off criminals in the UK reasonably easy. But not from over the counter if gangsters wish to kill each other so be it let them do so. U dont see this happening in countrys with strict gun controls. people in my country that have guns are animals anyway let them kill each other. 
  • Tom Zarvis- ....And those computer games where a 5 yr. old can kill hundreds of people,that's where it sometimes begins.
  • Rick Keener -Criminals have guns so many feel they can only fight fire with fire.
  • Robert Massey- Criminals use the guns on each other like the UK were we have the strictest gun laws in the world no gangster would shoot up a school random nut jobs do they should not beable to jury buy a gun. You could get a gun in UK but no random nut jobs can you have 2 be made in order 2 be trusted with 1.
  • Scott Canipe- A gun is a dormant inanimate object. It is NOT the gun that kills people but the brain sending an electrical signal through synaptic connections to the trigger finger! If you legislate the illegal ownership of guns it WILL go underground and there will be an insurgency of mobsters! United States gun control should be regulated carefully. Wake up people!!!!
  • Michael Katz -Gotta love the efferent motor neuron theory. Makes complete sense to me. 
  • Randy Funderburk -I'm very pro-constitution. But, I am not against some rules to gun ownership. But the gun-control facts that is purported as true are not. Now would that have prevented this & other tragedies? Who knows.
  • Randy Funderburk- In most countries with strict gun control laws, China, UK, etc... The kook will instead use a knife & commit much the same outcome.
  • Randy Funderburk -So my point being, that rather than cracking down & taking away one of our rights. Why not look into what is broken inside the soul of these people? Sadly we will continue to see these events unfold. The gun owner was the mother. So gun ownership did not commit this travesty, rather a lunatic did.
  • Michael Katz- Not buying the knife theory and haven't even looked at your "evidence" sorry.
  • Randy Funderburk- I know I usually claim things to not be true before checking the gun control facts.
  • Billy Christensen- @Michael.
    You "don't buy the knife theory"? Listen, my best buds son was at his school when a random freak walked up and cut him from ear to ear. Luckily with a fast response he lived. It was a Miracle. The China incident happened. The fact is no matter WHAT laws are made the bad guys will have weapons PERIOD. It's a mind set that this country is battling. If you have been paying attention, this behavior is trending.

    We have always had crazies in this world and now with the information technology we find out about a lot of them. In the past we would have never heard of the crazy dude in China. Look at Canada, the bad guys still have guns!  I challenge ANYONE to come up with a viable solution to these issues using some of the methods of United States gun control. There isn't one. Now what I propose are harsher penalties for even the small offenses regarding guns and I also would propose for all doors on schools be locked from the out side and they have to be let in through a buzzer like large apartment buildings. I could go on but I think you get where I'm at on this.
  • Scott Canipe -How in the Hell could something so tragic happen???? This is so crazy about what happened in Conn. Little children massacred in COLD Blood! What is wrong with United States gun control today? Is it too lax?
  • Michael Blythe -The human condition - the sick, dark side of it. It's that simple.
  • Christy Spinks -So sad.
  • Bryan Bradley -Extremely sad and unfortunate.
  • Shane Langford -False flag by the government so they could pass laws that disarm the public.
  • Tara Robertson- Its not that todays events aren't ghastly but what about all the children murdered everyday? Since its not done in bulk no one cares uh? We are a sad society. Every life is important and also regarding United States gun control.
  • Adam Millican -Shane Langford, you think that the government did this?
  • Pamela Elaine Hollon- Pure evil. Thats how. I am so heartbroken for the parents that can not kiss their children goodnight tonight. When my boys and nephews came home today i held them tight and wept.
  • Shane Langford -Yes sir. We do it all over the world to get what we want... Why not here?
  • Bryan Bradley- No. The government did not want to see 20 children killed in cold blood.
  • Adam Millican- Do you have any evidence that the government was involved in carrying out these shootings?
  • Shane Langford- Al queda: look up what it means in Aribic. The U.S.A is famous worldwide for doing this with all kinds of people. Look up mk ultra. Its how they make guys do this stuff.
  • Pamela Elaine Hollon-In china at a school a man stabbed 22 children. Like i said its just pure evil...
  • Tara Robertson- They were slashed & only 4 serious. For some reason, as gum shooting is popular here, slashing is popular there.
  • Tara Robertson- Gun.....geeze
  • Shane Langford- They do it everywere else. But not here? Look around... The U.N has a bunch gun control stuff they are trying to pass on to influence United States gun control. Its not good butits very posible.
  • Adam Millican- Shane Langford, so you're saying that you do not have any evidence that the government was involved in the shooting?
  • Tara Robertson- Listen ill just say this right now. The govt is not involved in a 24 year old who shoots his brother, mother, teachers & 20 babies.
  • Adam Millican- But maybe Shane Langford knows something that the rest of us don't. Shane?
  • Shane Langford -Nope. I dont have evidence they got there network to crash the twin towers and I think if we all let the U.N take our guns that we will be safer! Just like the Armenians did back in the day! Praise Saturn!
  • Pamela Elaine Hollon- The government did make him go in there and pull those triggers, like every other sick person that has done this in the past as well as in the future it is a personal decision. This man chose to do this. Why? Thats a question we may never know. We are a world full of murders, rapist, etc.. They personaly chose to do these evil things, has nothing to do with the government.
  • Shane Langford -I disagree. But to each his own.
  • Brenda Norman -The Media needs to talk less about the guns and killings..TALK MORE about the things God offers to us if one accepts him with his words...Teachers and schools should be allowed to start each day with prayer and the word of God, teaching our children to...Don't rely upon United States gun control, but rather rely on God!
  • Pamela Elaine Hollon -Amen Brenda. Back in the days when teachers had small class rooms they included lessons of God and prayed. We need to put God back in schools!
  • Brenda Norman- Yes..I went to school in days of prayers every morning..There was never a shooting in any schools..Our kids grow up in school now without praising God..some never hear his word at home!!!
  • Michael Katz- There are over 300 million guns in the in our country I've heard, so there definitely needs to be effective United States gun control.

What are your thoughts on gun control in the United States

With the tragic shootings at the Sandy Hook elementary school that left 6 adults and 20 children, between the ages of 6 and 7 shot dead in cold blood, many feel that the 2nd amendment should be revisited and revised.

This article and the responses from conscience citizens of the world have something passionate to say.

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Great and debatable subject!

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Success is a journey, not a destination.

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