Self Growth

Self Growth by Scott Canipe 

Within us all there should be a desire to progress reaching higher levels inwardly. When one grows personally it should begin on the inside and manifest itself on the outside. One needs to "become," then he or she can actually "do."

This dynamic process is something that is necessary to develop character within. This will clearly define our understanding of purpose and direction.

Most people, however, have no idea how to approach this great journey of self growth. The following words of wisdom are powerful proverbs that will assist the individual in the expression of personal growth. These are things that I have experienced and learn from on an individual basis, as well as observing others.

So be open-minded, put on your thinking caps, and get ready for your personal development to reach higher levels of attainment.

Think Through It

Losing your cool won’t solve a thing. It is more beneficial to think thru your quandary. Never blow up and get emotional. When u face adversity, and your sentiments become unstable, do everything within your power to constrain this volatility.

Always remember, "A thinking man is a lasting man." Unbridled emotions are destructive. So the next time u face a dilemma: Take a deep breath and think your way out of it, then fuel the thought with passion.


Self Growth can be achieved provided fear does not get in the way. Do not be afraid to take your life to the next level and realize your dreams. It takes courage, but can be done if you are willing.

Courage is the desire to be open and listen to ourselves, loved ones, enemies, strangers, and even circumstances. This is crucial for self improvement and is a must to affect positive change.

Life can be a delightful experience, and your imagination can turn into a reality if you believe and follow your dreams courageously.

The Flow

Many people say go with the flow. But, what if the flow is not working for your best interest, at best or harming you in some capacity, at worst. At this point, you realize that a change must transpire.

Don't try to stop the flow, because it typically is going to keep on moving in a certain direction. Rather, divert or manage the flow. If a large river is streaming down a mountainside Civil Engineers will build a dam to retain and control it. The river is still flowing and there is no way to stop it, however good use comes from dams. Large volumes of waters that are collected can be used for local water supply(both residential and industrial), generating power, cooling. and flood control.

Find ways to make the flow work for you in specific areas of your life.

If this doesn't work, then originate your OWN flow. Now you can do things your way without the hassle of managing exterior forces.

Critical Thinking

An excellent way to build self growth is to think critically. Unfortunately, we all have a tendency to accept things in our lives that are actually harmful because of living in a specific routine. Critical thinking is perception that leads to liberty. Perception is awareness. However, too many people have distorted perceptions. Regrettably their lives are in a constant state of bondage.

It is easy to fall into a pattern of denial after you perceive something that is incorrect. Bad habits are formed, and denial plunges deeper. This path leads to greater misery and failure.

We must control our egos and be objective enough to change something that is perceived erroneously. By using critical thinking, we can come to grips with a wrong direction that we have taken.

Next, we must be determined with a positive attitude to affect lasting change to experience liberation. To engage in critical thinking of our surroundings is a must to experience this liberty.

Positive Attitude

Self growth is all in the attitude. One’s attitude is the single most influential factor and has the greatest impact on life. Every action and endeavor begins with an attitude of specificity. 

A positive attitude has greater significance than monetary gains, achievements, great relationships, and all other glories of life.

Ironically, a positive attitude is the catalyst for all the marvellous things mentioned above. So be optimistic and splendid things will come your way or be pessimistic and negativity will infiltrate your life.

A spark begins with an attitude, creative ideas begin with an attitude, innovations begin with an attitude, etc. On the other side of the coin; denial begins with an attitude, lethargy begins with an attitude, fear begins with an attitude, etc. We can choose to have an attitude that steers us in a conducive direction or one that plunges us to a state of misery and failure. Either one affects our personal growth.

Remember, “Your attitude determines your altitude!”

Self Growth is Difficult

Self improvement is not easy to achieve. It requires TIME fueled by PASSION and its best friend is UNFAILING PATIENCE. There are no quick fixes; rather, one should have a desire to set forth in motion a lifelong plan to develop personally.

Too many times we allow the daily rigors of life to bog us down or enslave us at worse. Our objective should be to constantly work on improving our mental, physical and spiritual individualities regardless of everyday occurrences that may be painstaking at times.

Although, the road can be long and arduous, at times, we all need to improve ourselves. The choice is up to us to make that commitment and as Henry David Thoreau so aptly stated, " to live the life that we have imagined."

Healthy Living

Physical fitness, nutritional eating, and a concern for health in general make a huge difference in our lives as we face the challenges of self growth. For everyone out there that has tried to live a healthy lifestyle but cannot remain consistent, the remedy is straightforward in concept - MAKE NEW HABITS!!!

This is done by practicing the 4 “A”s:

  • Start with a positive ATTITUDE
  • You must get ADDICTED to exercising.
  • ACQUIRE a taste for nutritional eating.
  • Be AWARE of your overall health.

If you want to improve your fitness, possess greater energy levels, and have the body that you always wanted, then you must implement the 4 “A”s in your life.

When you make this your lifestyle within a short period of time your health level will get stronger and your body will be utterly transformed! You will carry yourself with a positive attitude and soaring confidence.


“The fool has said, I am in need of nothing.” There is always a need for maturity. Self growth starts after we have recognized our weaknesses and shortcomings. Once we acknowledge this, then a concerted effort should be made to improve upon those inconsistencies.

It is easy to exploit our strengths, but difficult to admit our flaws. Admitting to things that we must work on is a road that is less traveled, but it must be done for self advancement.

This type of thinking and acting thereupon is tantamount to fulfilling one's potential as he or she augments self growth. Do it!

Open Mind

”The quality of life is, by and large, contingent on an evolving state of mind. As you live, keep learning how to live." That phrase, within itself, is a powerful proverb to follow.

Life can be wondrous if this proverb is loyally adhered to.

One should always exhibit an open mind through mistakes and experiences. Knowledge is power; however, the proper application of that knowledge enables us to live life to its fullest extent. This is another cornerstone of self improvement.

Accept Reality

Identify and embrace truth, purge your life from false beliefs, inaccurate assumptions, and never fall into denying reality. 

Denying reality or living a lie is disastrous toward one's self growth. How many people, regrettably, exist in a world of deception? For example, many people may have and occupation that they despise, but because of habit and not having the courage to make a change continue to be enslaved in this dead end job. Too many people are in relationships that are deleterious and there is no love that exist mutually. They constantly live in a state of misery in sadness, but because of a lack of self-confidence are too afraid to break the shackles that enslave them to this bad relationship.

Remember, you must accept reality in order to achieve your personal growth. Be self-aware enough to know what denial is an run from it like you would a rattlesnake. Because denial eventually leads to death.

Self growth is something that most people highly covet, however the greater majority do not know where to begin. There is a great need for humanity to develop character within, which will therefore enable it to fulfill its potential.

It first begins as we take a look at ourselves. We have to search deeply inside our beings and discover the nagging flaws and shining strengths. In other words have a sense of self awareness and a desire to make change where it is necessary.

Self growth is there for every human being to engage in, but it's up to the individual to take the provided information and apply it to his or her life.

The time is now! Let us have the desire to improve, the capacity to learn, and essentially, become that living dynamo.

What are your thoughts on Self Growth?

Self Growth is something that we all must strive to do if we are going to fulfill our potential. Your input is very important! What type of techniques have you incorporated in your life to personally grow and become a better person?

Do you have a great story or any thoughts about this? Share it!

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Success is a journey, not a destination.

Face challenges head on!

Your attitude determines your altitude.

When you dream, dream big.

Never quit!

Be the master of your own journey.

Let no one dictate you.

Success is a journey, not a destination.

Face challenges head on!

Your attitude determines your altitude.

When you dream, dream big.

Never quit!

Be the master of your own journey.

Let no one dictate you.

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