Re a new book "Lessons on Loving"

by Kathy Cholod
(Vancouver, BC)

Good Day:

We have a new book out called “Lessons in Loving"

Its a book to delight all of us Young and Old.

The theme is taken from the story “The Little Prince”

The Little Prince learns and teaches us many lessons about Ourselves

and Loving. In the book at one point the Fox says to the “Little Prince”

as he is about to leave our planet I promised you a Secret.

Here is my secret the Fox says, Its quite simple.

“ One sees clearly only with the heart, Anything essential is invisible to the eyes”

The story of the Little Prince transports us from a mediocre Every day existance

into the wonder of a life lived Creatively , Joyously and Passionately.

I know you will love “Lessons in Loving” by David Ord.

I would love to send you a Complimentary Copy

A New Year, New Hopes, New Dreams


Kathy Cholod
Email: namasteteachings@telus.nWeb :
Tel: 604.261.3137
Fax: 604.261.3157

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