Poems about Life

There are many poems about life that are fueled by passion and conviction. Poetry, in general, is an art form that combines words to express convictions, experiences, and various emotions. Some of the greatest pieces of poetry were poems written about life.

In this section of the website we will supply the reader with some of the most popular compositions of literature written by famous poets. Furthermore, contemporary and lesser known wordsmiths will also share their talents regarding this dynamic literary form.

Stylistically, poetry has many variations. Some pieces are rhythmical, satirical, odes, comical, limericks, and the list is endless. From these different styles various emotions are expressed with great fervency.

Many times, there are realities in life that one has not experienced but deeply desires to do so, such as finding a romantic relationship, having greater success in life, overcoming sadness, etc. Poems about life written in this fashion are creative and imaginative.

Contrarily, there are scenarios in life that one has experienced. Poems written about life that emanate from these situations have great power and poignant qualities. For the most part, these literary works possess tremendous passion because they are birth from a real life experience.

As stated previously, poetry should be composed with passionate conviction. Furthermore, there are certain tried-and-true criteria that establish great poetry. The famous poets of legendary status understood these criteria. The following is a well-rounded list, but not exhaustive, as to the vital components behind the creation of outstanding poetry:

  • Poetry should have something of value, and the natural subject of the poem should remain constant. For example, if someone is writing about a tragic loss then the thread of the composition should be inundated with sadness.

  • The material should be expressed with honesty. When poetry is made with heartfelt feelings, it pierces through the intellect and resides in the soul of the reader.

  • Passion is a vital component to make for excellent poetry. Many times when poetry is written from some type of powerful emotional feeling, be it sadness, joy, love, etc., passion will run through the entire composition. William Wordsworth, who is among the famous poets, once stated, “poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.”

  • Since poetry is about communication, stimulating word choices are crucial. The proper arrangement of them is very important, as well.

  • There should be every effort made to visibly arouse the reader. Typically, if one writes poems about life with meaning, honesty, passion, and proper word choice then the reader will definitely be inspired.

Famous poets that have left their material for us to enjoy wrote some of the greatest poems about life. Frequently, they used their creative and imaginary talents to arouse the feelings and intellects of the readers. T.S. Eliot once called poetry the “logic of the imagination.” At other times, famous poets wrote about real life experiences. Through sadness, pain, failures, victories, and successes they left an indelible impact regarding their poems about life.

Poetry and poems about life have inspired mankind to grow in wisdom, to make the right decision, to wish for death, to have hope, to feel despair, to long for love, and to achieve great feats. They are incredible art forms to read and ponder as one endeavors to feed the intellect and awaken the fervent emotions within.

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