“With the P90X fitness program there is never a plateau. Never!” – Justin B. – Personal Trainer, New Orleans

It has been taking the infomercial TV stations by storm. People are getting results internationally. It’s called “P90X.”

The P90X home gym system is a fitness phenomenon that is sweeping the United States and many parts of the world. This is a workout routine that will help you achieve personal growth. It is all about muscle confusion, so that there is never a plateau as the muscles are always guessing and endeavoring to adapt to new exercise stress and stimuli.

All one needs is a set of qualitative resistance bands, dumbbells, push-up stands, a chin up bar, and the mental desire to push through the pain.

It Only Takes 90 Days

This program is designed transform your physical makeup within a 90 day period. It will shock your body to achieve the desired results. Along with its exercise regimen, a strict diet plan is incorporated which includes valuable nutrition data that must be followed.

This workout routine will give you valuable insight as to what your caloric, protein, and carbohydrate needs are relative to the specific phase of the 90 days.

Tony Horton

This fitness routine was developed by Tony Horton, who is a fitness guru and personal trainer. Horton moved to Los Angeles after graduating from college and began working at World Gym in Venice, California. During this time he was exposed to interval training. This experience greatly molded his philosophy regarding physical fitness.

Horton created a system of workout routines to develop a physique that yielded balance, flexibility, speed, and minimal muscle hypertrophy. He incorporated elements of Pilates, strength training, yoga, plyometrics, interval training, speed drills, and cross training.

This sophisticated system of workout routines combines the knowledge that Tony Horton has acquired for 25 years regarding physical fitness that can be done in the comfort of someone’s home or anywhere for that matter.

This combination of different exercises ensures that there is constant muscle soreness without any damage to the joints and yet the trainee can continue to exercise day after day with great intensity without getting injured.

Effective Workout Routines

There are three major components that P90X attributes its success:

  • Each phase brings forth success as a result of the “No Plateau Effect”

  • Muscle sculpting and the fat burning process is maximized

  • The training cycles are short and very intensive and the muscle is challenged with variety

As stated previously, muscle confusion is the cornerstone and the above three mentioned elements integrate targeted training phases so the body keeps adapting and growing. Improvements consistently transpire.

Everyone wants to have that sculpted physique and more energy levels to carry out their daily activities. The P90X program is scientifically valid and experimentally proven.

From the United States, to Trinidad and Tobago, to the United Kingdom, to the Philippines, etc. This fitness program is helping people lose weight, build muscle, and develop confidence. P90X is transforming lives!

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