My Thoughts

by Matthew M

interesting discussion. however i agree with the Chris guy. he has the most logical, well though out proposal, at least to me. most of the others are either taking it too far to the left or right and just using it as a justification to deny, or restrict a persons rights.

Reality is this, excuse my movie quote but, just like "...nature will find a way..." So will people. I have seen more of the world than most people in the US ever will. I have seen how safe it is in Japan, or simply how they just don't report it in the news like we do. I've been to Afghanistan, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, etc. There are violent crimes there just like in our country. In every case of violent crimes a "weapon" was used. An example is that years ago in China a man ran around killing people with an Axe. does that mean we should bann axes, knives, toothpicks, and olive forks? People will find a way to do the horrible things we do. That is why war still exists, why we have a "fight or flight" instinct, and why we have a "self preservation" instinct.

By banning all guns we hamstring ourselves. Think about it. If ALL guns are banned, and oh lets just say the Cartels decide to do an armed raid on an American city. Do you really know how long it would take the National Guard or Army to mobilize? To protect yourself and family from threats both foreign and domestic is not only your right, but its your duty.

But that is just my opinion. i could be wrong.

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