Move Your Body

Move Your Body: By Brandt Quick

The popular song by international recording star, Beyoncé, "move your body," is exactly what our bodies were meant to do. We are designed to move, jump, run, walk, pull, and push.

Unfortunately, the greater majority of the population is sedentary. People simply do not “move” or exercise enough to stay healthy. Exercise is a tremendous avenue to negate disease, strengthen the immune system to limit sickness, and keep the joints and tissues strong and supple. Remarkably, this can be achieved by an exercise regimen that lasts as little as 15-30 minutes per day. How you schedule those 15-30 minutes within your daily activities can be very convenient for you if you manage your time wisely.

One of the primary foundations of life is to move your body to achieve high levels of physical fitness. From an evolutionary perspective, our bodies are NOT made to remain sedentary, contrarily, they are made to move. Before we evolved into modern times, we had to search and hunt for our food. As we were doing this and when faced with danger, we had to fight or flee whatever animals were preying on us.

Our bodies are programmed to move, this is in our DNA. The strength and vitality of our cells depend upon movement. If not, degradation will be the end result of our cellular structures. The results of the breaking down of tissues is sickness, disease and even certain cancers that can ravage through the body with devastating results.

The human body is an incredible device and it adapts to any demand placed upon it, either positively or negatively. Movement and working the body physically causes it to adapt to those demands by growing more flexible, increase strength, improve condition, and positively stimulate the physiological, emotional, and mental components in our lives.

The negative demand is lack of movement because the body will always adapt negatively. This is synonymous with the degradation of the body and the ramifications can be destructive.

Not Enough Time?

Most all of us have hectic schedules as we stay busy throughout the day. Juggling family, work and the duties of life in general can be very taxing.

The following is a list of a few examples workouts that that require about 15-30 minutes. These workout routines can be carried out almost anywhere or anytime. This will definitely give you a positive adaptation that will ensure health and vitality as you move your body:

  1. Cardio - After waking up first thing in the morning go out for a run, jog or walk. These can be combined with a walk/run, walk/jog or jog/run. Do these for 15-30 minutes. Your metabolism will skyrocket as it doubles or even triples consistently throughout the day. Upon completing these exercises eat a well-balanced breakfast immediately after.

  2. Bodyweight exercises – There are many exercises that you can do by using the mere weight of your body. Push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts, torso rotations, leg lunges, body weight deadlifts, bodyweight squats, or squat jumps. These are many exercises to lose weight and to get a great workout.

  3. Flexibility - Incorporate flexibility exercises daily. Do backward bends, spinal twists, various back stretches and forward bends. Breathing is very important so make sure that you inhale deeply in and out through your nose. As you inhale the diaphragm contracts downwardly and the belly rises, as you exhale it contracts upwardly and the belly moves inward in and up toward the spine. These proper ranges of motion through flexibility work will also ensure greater oxygenated blood flow, which is a cornerstone of a variety of health benefits.

  4. Combination – A fun way to move your body is to incorporate a combination of flexibility, strength training and cardiovascular training. This can be done for 15-30 minutes. You can accomplish this by beginning with a walk then transitioning into a jog and ultimately to a run. Now move into body weight exercises or strength training. Alternate running, jogging or sprinting between the bodyweight sets. Flexibility exercises should be done in the last few minutes of the entire session to facilitate suppleness of the tightened tissues and proper recovery.

A lot of good can be accomplished by utilizing 15-30 minute workout sessions. For most people with busy schedules, 1-2 hours of working out can be a daunting task. These shorter workout solutions can produce great benefits if they are carried out with commitment.

Remember, keeping the body moving as it should be, positive adaptation will be the results. Don’t forget to hydrate and implement a sound diet with proper nutrition. This will put you well on your way to a prosperous and healthy life with wellness, vitality, longevity, and optimal health. So get out there and move your body!

Brandt Quick is CEO/President of BQuick Athletic Development, BQuick Nutrition and BQuick Tri-Dat. He can be reached at 1-855-TRY-BQUICK (879-2784), and website at, or

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