Motivational Words

Motivational words will inspire you to accomplish much!

By Scott Canipe 

Motivational words can provide that spark of energy to get through some difficulty or unpleasant circumstance that we all encounter from time to time. Through our many successes, there can be just as many failures. Our goal, of course, is to minimize our failures while increasing our successes. Life holds many uncertainties as we live its story. Sometimes fear and trepidation will put a grip on us curtailing our self-development. It takes a spark of motivation to get us through these trying times. 

When we find ourselves in any distressing state, sometimes it is our fault, and other times the blame lay at the feet of external forces. In these situations, it feels as if our world is crashing down. It appears that there is no one to ask for help and hope that we once had begins to fleet. We desperately need to change our relative reality.

Self motivation is needed, and the precise wise saying can give that spark and guidance to help one out of this state of quandary.

Be of good cheer, because help has arrived with motivational words. The following is a compilation of motivational wise sayings that will give you that “shot in the arm” of inspiration. These established wise sayings were written from experience and are spurred with passion to help you overcome difficult situations.

These motivational words have helped scores of people overcome their time of unbearable pain and struggle. Take your time and allow these wise sayings to saturate your mind. Become self-motivated, pay attention, and allow them to give you the confidence that you can overcome anything that is before you.  Motivational words are here to contribute to our personal growth.

Pain brings Knowledge

A time of emotional anguish can produce an abundance of learning. Regardless of what you go through or the problems that may beset you, don’t repudiate these difficult times. They are there to teach you some benefit that will be realized futuristically.

Pain in our past can produce deep thought, and we can develop philosophies that give us considerable insight regarding our surroundings and life in general. Strength, discipline, and patience are the keys to overcoming these unpleasant scenarios. But one must first be self motivated to begin the process.

After you overcome these difficulties, then you can develop some great counseling qualities that will bring emotional healing to others. When it comes time to share these things, and if it is done sincerely, it can assuredly rescue people from depressing levels of consternation and then empower them to plant their feet on higher ground.

So buckle down, grit through the pain, receive your abundance of learning, and develop your philosophies wisely. The results will be glorious! These are powerful motivational words to live by.

Life is an Obstacle Course

Life can be compared to an obstacle course; it has its twists and its turns, its unfamiliar experiences and its well known occasions. Relationships, dealing with people, raising children, running a business, working for an employer, etc. can seem overbearing at times.

You start out with self motivation, but then you lose endurance and become burnt out because negative issues arise and fire is all around you. Don’t worry, because this is where your character is tested and developed. Stand firm and push through your agony; claim your prize.

The next obstacle course will get easier as your mental fitness level grows. There will be greater appreciation in getting success this way versus having it handed to you.

The Storybook of Life

Life is like a long story book with many chapters. It is filled with motivational words. Unfortunately, too many people judge the book by its cover. Don’t be afraid to turn the page and enter into a new chapter.

Each chapter exhibits a fresh and new experience, happiness and sadness, smiles and cries. The only way to fulfill your potential as a human being is to read the last page. So tap into your self motivation and keep reading, your magnificent destiny awaits you.

Tommorrow will Come

Live for today, but don’t get STUCK in today, plan for tomorrow.”

When you are in a distressing situation, and it appears that your whole world is crashing down, this burden can seem unbearable. Happiness is fleeting away.

You must be self-motivated and believe things will get better. Tomorrow will come! Compose yourself, trust the future is bright, plan ahead, and make it happen!

These powerful motivational words will inspire you to “Live for today but don’t get STUCK in today, plan for tomorrow.”

Necessary Change

Life has its difficult moments when changes are necessary, but the wise make it happen. Change is hard for most, because of fear and other reasons. Regardless, how difficult the needed change is, just do what is required.

It takes a lot of courage to affect this change. But it must be done.

When you make this decision and act upon it, you will be totally amazed by your advancement. You will feel a sense of personal growth and happiness will follow.

So listen to these motivational words, face your fears and make those changes!

Love Competition

Competition can be a molding tool. It keeps you on your toes and inspires you to be at your best. It aids in the fulfilling of one’s potential. Don’t despise competition, rather welcome it and let it fuel you.

You, the “go-getter” set goals and dream big. You work hard to make them a reality and set out to accomplish much. You may exert a lot of effort and exert a lot of energy in meeting these objectives. So do not allow any competition to deter you.

Knowing who and what your competition is critical in overcoming it. But you must first possess the right frame of mind and be willing to go through the fire and meet the adversary head on!

It is up to you to be courageous, strong, and willing to meet, greet, and beat the adversary to get to the next level! These motivational words will help you overcome competition.

Do it and be victorious or don't do it and live in failure. Failure is debilitating, but victory is invigorating! These are effective wise sayings to follow.

Staying Positive

Stay positive with these motivational words: "When times are hard, be positive; when you sit in a jail cell, be positive; when you are in a lousy marriage or relationship, be positive; if you have a dead-end job, be positive."

There are times of despair and despondency. Those dark moments are tough. These are called the "vicissitudes of life" which means the ups and downs, instability, impediments, and at times insurmountable odds.

Don’t ignore your anxiety. On the contrary, be aware that there is a serious problem in your life. Remain positive while envisioning favorable results. Self motivation is required at this point.

Positive energy breeds productivity. You have the power to affect any change to make your life better. Now find a way to do it! These motivational words can get you through any challenging situation.

Life's Struggles

Life has its many struggles. At times, you must exhibit the behavior of a soldier at war. The soldier in combat most salient characteristics are resiliency, skill, and drive.

Fight when necessary, and when you fight, fight hard! It is motivational words like these that see you through any combat situation.

Remember, you may not always win the battle, but the most important thing is to win the war.

Be Resilient

Resiliency is a state of mind. We need it to survive. All humans have the potential to develop it to the highest level of his or her capacity.

However, there exists a huge gap of development in a lot of people. Not because they can't, rather they won't. You have to put forth effort to be successful in the face of adversity.

Overcoming adversity is the prize of being resilient. You will receive bumps and bruises, feel like you are behind the “eight ball”, and have periods of a lack of self motivation. You must bite down, be resilient, and overcome!

A powerful, inspirational quote to live by; “the greater the obstacle course, the greater glory in overcoming it.”

Life is difficult at times. These tough moments can engulf us to the point where we are smothered and feel hopeless. But there are ways to overcome our pain and depressing moments.

The motivational words listed above can give us hope.

These are wise sayings that must be inculcated within the mind. Next, they must be believed in so they can produce self motivation. Lastly, they must be practiced so that they become habitual in everyday activities.

Incorporate these in your life and achieve your personal growth!

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Motivational Words will give you the inspiration to overcome any difficulty of obstacle before you.

Your input is very important!

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Success is a journey, not a destination.

Face challenges head on!

Your attitude determines your altitude.

When you dream, dream big.

Never quit!

Be the master of your own journey.

Let no one dictate you.

Success is a journey, not a destination.

Face challenges head on!

Your attitude determines your altitude.

When you dream, dream big.

Never quit!

Be the master of your own journey.

Let no one dictate you.

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