Mackerel Nutrition

Mackerel nutrition is an excellent supplement to a diet that promotes overall health and wellness. What we consume regarding our food intake is one of the most important things in this capacity. There are many and varied benefits by adding this great fish to our daily consumption as will be outlined in the body of this article.

There are just over thirty different species of mackerel. The name of the fish basically means "marked" or "spotted." The term derives from the Old French "maquerel", meaning a pimp or procurer. This species of fish typically lives in cold water off of the coast of Europe and in North America while spawning near shoals of these coastlines. They are slenderly built which assist them in their ability to swim very swiftly as they dart about in the ocean.

The nutritional aspects are derived from a variety of sources. The fish is caught and normally canned, found in marketplaces for purchase to grill, broil or bake, and also found in sushi restaurant establishments. One of the things to look for when purchasing it is that the meat should be moist and firm. It is an oily fish and contains a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Because of this high oil content, fresh mackerel can spoil quickly and one must shop for it with this in mind. This delicious fish meat is best eaten fresh or properly cured or refrigerated.

The USDA, as well as scientific studies in general, have determined that mackerel nutrition has the top spot regarding omega-3 content in all the fish species.  The texture and constituency of it is darker on the outside and becomes lighter toward the interior. The highest percentages of fat are located near the exterior and is rich in long chain omega-3s. There are a variety of other nutrients as well. 

It possesses significant levels of lean protein coupled with a great source of B vitamins which help buttress the validity of mackerel nutrition. There is approximately 25 g of lean protein found in one cup serving of mackerel.

Health Gains

The Benefits of Mackerel Nutrition

The following are some of the other benefits of mackerel nutrition:

  • Low levels of sodium
  • Excellent source of phosphorus
  • High levels of lean proteins and amino acids
  • Rich in vitamin D which improves muscle function and stronger bones
  • Good source of Niacin which can help relieve arthritic pain and stiffness, and much more
  • Excellent selenium levels which it's a powerful antioxidant that provides anti-aging qualities and cancer fighting wonders

Mackerel has great qualities that provide many necessary nutrients that help to maintain healthy homeostasis in the body. From assisting in aging well, to warding off diseases and wellness in general. It is true a "Dynamo" of the fish species.

Mackerel Recipes

Broiled Mackerel:

1 serving of mackerel (1/2 lb. to person)
1/2 lemon
2 tsp. garlic vinegar
Sea salt to taste
Olive Oil
Black pepper to taste

Cut mackerel lengthwise for broiling. Make sure you wash and dry with paper towel or cloth. Place on olive oil greased broiler or on sheet of aluminum foil in broiler. Salt and pepper according to your taste. Next squeeze 1/2 lemon over the fillets, add garlic vinegar, spread Olive oil all over and sprinkle with paprika until both sides are red. Put into oven and broil until brown, never turning or taking from oven until done.

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