by responsible gun owner CC
(Colorado USA)

The solution to the gun crime is easy. PERIOD! Enforce the current laws in place. As a gun owner and a past FFL holder it is disgraceful that I am current and knowledgeable on the "gun laws" and see the horrific things criminals and sick individuals get away with. Anti gun issues flood the airwaves and yet no one is talking about the penalties that should be happening to the ones breaking the law. I can't count the times a person was denied a gun when we followed the LAW with a background check at our store and NOTHING happened to the applicant. Why is it a criminal applies for a firearm lying on the 4473 federal form which is supposed to be a FIVE year penalty and no police officer shows up to arrest the applicant? They get denied but NOTHING is imposed on them. IF a person breaks the law they should be penalized and gun crimes should be dealt with no mercy and swift justice. The "gun laws" ARE there,what we lack is the enforcement. When a sick bastard goes nuts killing innocent people I do not care if they had a horrific childhood or if they were drunk,I care that they broke the law and killed innocent people.By breaking the law they lost their rights.They do not get the privilege of three square meals a day for the rest of their lives in prison or the luxury of a mental hospital.The gun laws getting stricter does absolutely NOTHING.I am outraged that people are not demanding that the current laws are NOT being enforced. The sick young man who planned this recent tragedy should be publicly fried or have his lethal injection broadcast-ed on TV to give the swift message to the criminals that IF you break the law with a firearm you will not be treated with mercy kindness or sympathy.WE need a NO TOLERANCE attitude..THAT means upholding the current law and demanding that the criminals are made VERY aware we as a society will NOT tolerate gun crime. All the laws already in place are worthless if we are not enforcing them.The fact is already there.The stiffer the laws do not stop the criminals.I am so tired of the same anti gun conversations and that no one is screaming that the current laws that ARE in place are not being enforced.As we in Colorado get news clips about the red haired freak who killed movie goers is still in the legal system I just wonder...what would have happened IF because he broke the law he got a swift and immediate penalty with swift death..what would the criminals do? What would the criminals do IF they realized they will REALLY get in trouble if I choose to break the law. Instead of yelling at the NRA and demanding more ridiculous UNenforced laws WHY WHY WHY are people not demanding that the criminals be penalized.Why when the sick fuck kills children would we even waste one precious moment on years of legal fees lawyers and psychologist opinions?? I say make an example of him,I say make a stand against the criminals and stop the ridiculous notion that it's about the guns.I say enforce the laws that are in place and show the ones who choose to break the law that we as a society will NOT tolerate it. It's sad that we do not live in a time when we can all sing kumbaya and hold hands, we live in a time that is screaming that we demand enforcement of the law.CONSEQUENCES !!!we have veered so far away from consequences for bad behavior and we house evil people without making them accountable for their crimes. IF you break the current laws in place regarding firearms WHY are you not paying the consequences? QUIT blaming the guns and start F ing making the criminals accountable! It's time we start showing the nut jobs and violent criminals we have had enough of them breaking the law and we will make examples of them if they dare!

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