A Game Changer....

By Justin Brien

What is ELDOA?

The ELDOA METHOD is the only form of exercise that works to create space in specific vertebral junctions within the spine. The ELDOA exercises also work on the strength of the postural system of stretching and elongating of the fascial (connective tissue) chains. As you strengthen the intrinsic (deeper) muscles surrounding the spine, you simultaneously work on stretching some of the bigger and commonly tight muscles such as the lats, hamstrings and muscles of the hips and shoulders. There are ELDOA exercises for joints other than the spine. Those include the shoulder, hip, ribcage, sacro-iliac joints and the skull. The rest of this article will primarily focus on the spine.


The BIG goal of the ELDOA METHOD is to create space for the disc, the nerve root and the entire joint segment. It increases blood flow and stimulates water intake for the intervertebral disc. The ELDOA METHOD also creates space for the facet (zygapophysial) joints which are often arthritic and a common cause of back pain, neck pain and other spine pathologies. Each of the ELDOA exercises have different layers of complexity. They take much practice to perform precisely and require an experienced instructor. Good cueing and practice are what facilitates the precision of the exercises. The methodology cannot be simplified! There is nothing easy or simple about doing the ELDOA. Watching a YouTube video to learn ELDOA is equivalent to reassembling your car engine without any mechanical knowledge. With an experienced practitioner that knows how to apply the techniques well, the results of the ELDOA are amazing!

ELDOA Class for General Wellness

A weekly ELDOA exercise class is my favorite way to encourage people to learn the ELDOA. The goal of our ELDOA exercise class is general wellness and is best for the non-pathological, healthy population. Postural strength and awareness of your body will increase dramatically just from taking the classes.  Awareness is broken down for different body structures and taught during the warm up and throughout the class to improve the image that the brain has about the body parts. As you continue to practice the ELDOA METHOD , the quality of your exercise will increase, your strength will increase, and you will have a greater effect at each joint region. If you have a pathology such as a disc bulge, disc herniation, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylosis, facet joint arthropathy, etc.; it is a good idea to get a full evaluation and begin to work with an experienced ELDOA trainer on an individualized program.  

Home Program

As I have emphasized throughout this article, it is essential to practice daily to improve the proficiency of your exercise. A higher quality of exercise allows you to work more specifically at each joint segment, which solicits a better result. Remember the goal, you are attempting to open the space between two vertebrae in your spine! That is a very specific, complex and analytical approach to exercise. Begin to incorporate ELDOA into your weekly exercise training regimen. I have found that 20 minutes/day, preferably at night within 2 hours of bedtime, works the best!  You will increase your performance in all aspects of your training, including recovery, body awareness, postural strength, range of motion, more space for the joints and a real feeling of wellbeing. Whether you run, bike, lift weights, do yoga, martial arts or CrossFit, ELDOA is a big bang for your buck as a regenerative form of corrective exercise.

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